About ELK Statistics

ELK Statistics is a unit of Element K. This is a dedicated service introduced to meet the needs of students who are confounded by data and statistical tools. The complicated modules and tests can be quite tough to handle for a research student who is not an expert in the field. This calls for the support of mentors who can guide students in a personalized manner. We provide assistance for data collection, data analysis using various tools, interpretation of results, and writing the results section in the correct format. read more

Our Team

We have created a team of PhD statisticians, who have thorough knowledge of statistical software like SAS, SPSS, R, Excel, Stata, E-views and AMOS. Whatever be the tool that you need to use, our team can handle the computation for you. The statisticians have been associated with leading colleges and have worked on several projects involving intricate analysis. They are able to assure 100% accuracy. Moreover, the tutors have a penchant for helping students and you can interact with them directly through email or Skype. Meet our team of experts now. read more

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Statistical consulting for my thesis is proving to be very helpful. I have learnt about the application of SPSS and I’m looking forward to the next session with my mentor.
- Sonja Garcia

Getting to know about the technicalities of data analysis was essential before I started with my PhD project. However, finding a dedicated tutor was tough. This service is the next best thing as it provides personalized assistance for statistical analysis.
- Adrian Brown


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