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The consultation that we provide to research scholars at ELK Statistics is highly reliable and customized. We do not have any ready to use templates for statistical analysis. However, we do provide scholars with sample modules which they can refer to for the format and presentation aspects. Our team will be in direct contact with clients throughout their project and will answer all queries through email or through Skype.

The founders of ELK Statistics have designed a seamless process for consultation, which ensures that scholars are able to complete their projects in a hassle free manner. In the first stage, scholars are supposed to send us the details of the requirement, from which our team will ascertain the scope of consultation. The service is charged on the basis of hours spent for consultation; hence, it is essential to define the requirement with precision. However, this scope is flexible and might change, depending on the progress that the student makes.

Once the confirmation and advance fee has been received from the client, a statistician is assigned the project. The person chosen for the task will have in depth knowledge of the domain being studied, as well as the tools to be used for testing. Prior experience of handling such projects will also be considered while allocating a research work. The concerned consultant will then get in touch with the client and solve all queries in a personalized manner. The problems can be sent over mail beforehand, and solutions can be discussed during live chat sessions.

Our administrators take feedback from the clients and in case of any issues regarding the quality of consultation or time devoted, they can convey the same to customer representatives. The procedure followed for consultation has ensured that scholars get satisfactory services and are able to benefit immensely from the knowledge that we share with them. All requests for consultation must be sent to info@elkstatistics.com.



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Statistical consulting for my thesis is proving to be very helpful. I have learnt about the application of SPSS and I’m looking forward to the next session with my mentor.
- Sonja Garcia

Getting to know about the technicalities of data analysis was essential before I started with my PhD project. However, finding a dedicated tutor was tough. This service is the next best thing as it provides personalized assistance for statistical analysis.
- Adrian Brown