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Analysis of data often proves to be the Achilles’ heel for many research candidates. Though they may be brilliant in their own fields of specialization, they have limited understanding of statistical methods and programs. This makes it a challenge to choose a suitable technique and apply it with precision. Even if they apply software, interpreting the results is no mean task.
You don’t have to worry any longer, as there is a team of experienced and dedicated PhD statisticians to help you at every step of data analysis. When you opt for this service from ELK Statistics, we will assign a team of experts who will work on your project in a collaborative manner. They will explain each step of the analysis and answer all your questions, so that you are well prepared to face the review committee. The process that we follow for Data Analysis service is as follows:

Data Analysis Process


While these are the main steps of data analysis process that we follow, we also perform the functions mentioned below:

  • Go through the data set minutely and to sort out repetitive or wrong data. We also point out missing data before arranging it.
  • Explain the pros and cons of various statistical tools that can be used, like SPSS, SAS, Stata, EViews, AMOS, R, NVivo, etc.
  • Briefly explain the tests to be used and why they are needed for the project
  • Place the graphs, tables and charts, as required at the correct place and do the labeling
  • Present the results in the format specified by your college
  • Provide notes for understanding the analysis

Thus, we make sure that when you get the final results of the analysis, you are also aware of each step involved in it. Our motive is to prepare you for facing the questions posed about this chapter of the research report by your review committee.


There are many questions that arise in mind of scholars when they think of opting for external assistance for statistical analysis. Here we present answers to some common doubts that you may face:

Q1. Is it ethical to take assistance from an expert?
Yes, it is absolutely ethical, as there is no rule against taking help from a consultant. Many research organizations and scholars do so. Plus, we do not provide any ready to use solutions or results. We work in a collaborative and personalized manner.

Q2. Will you provide me some guidance for dissertation defense?
Definitely; we help our clients in such a way that they understand each step of the analysis and can interpret the results. Our team will prepare you for all the questions that you can face related to the statistical research part of your study.

Q3. Is it a common practice to contact the college or supervisor during the consultation process?
No, we do not do so. We believe that it is entirely your decision to let your supervisor or college committee know about any assistance that you are availing. We have a contract with you and will not breach your privacy under any circumstances.

Q4. Is there a surety that I will achieve merit for my research report?
Though we can guarantee flawless analysis and accurate results from the data that you send us, it is not possible to guarantee anything about the overall evaluation of your report. This is because we do not have any contribution towards the quality of the other chapters of the report. Moreover, the evaluation depends completely on the personal judgment of the reviewers.

Q5. Will your team also help me with writing the results chapter?
We will provide assistance for interpreting the results once the analysis is done and presenting it in the required format, after deciphering from the software used. However, we do not write entire results chapter, as our service is dedicated for analytical assistance.

Q6. How do you charge students for data analysis assistance?
Students are charged on the basis of time spent by statisticians on their projects. Since the payment is on an hourly basis, our clients can decide beforehand how many hours of consultation they require. In case the analysis takes more time, the charges will be transparent and strictly as per the time given.

You can send any other queries or your data bank for analysis at info@elkstatistics.com or just call our team at (347) 460-2899. We will be happy to help you.



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Statistical consulting for my thesis is proving to be very helpful. I have learnt about the application of SPSS and I’m looking forward to the next session with my mentor.
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Getting to know about the technicalities of data analysis was essential before I started with my PhD project. However, finding a dedicated tutor was tough. This service is the next best thing as it provides personalized assistance for statistical analysis.
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