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Problem from the Literature: Government Spending

In this exercise, we will focus on the research article by Theodore J. Eismeier, "Public Preferences About Government Spending: Partisan, Social.

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The SPSS Sample Problem

To demonstrate these concepts, we will work the sample problem for logistic regression in SPSS Professional Statistics 7.5, pages 37 - 64. The description of the problem can be found on page 39.

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Principal Components Factor Analysis

The purpose of principal components factor analysis is to reduce the number of variables in the analysis by using a surrogate variable or factor to represent a number of variables, while retaining the variance that was present in the original variables.

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Example of Simple and Multiple Regression

The purpose of this introductory example from pages 149-158 of the text is to demonstrate the basic concepts of regression analysis as one attempts to develop a predictive equation containing several independent variables.

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