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Statistical consulting for my thesis is proving to be very helpful. I have learnt about the application of SPSS and I’m looking forward to the next session with my mentor.
- Sonja Garcia

Getting to know about the technicalities of data analysis was essential before I started with my PhD project. However, finding a dedicated tutor was tough. This service is the next best thing as it provides personalized assistance for statistical analysis.
- Adrian Brown

Step-by-step guidance for application of ANOVA was really great. I have almost completed my research work and my results have come out accurately.
- Mellissa Thompson

I was confused about using regression analysis for my project. My doubts were laid to rest by the statisticians here, who helped me prepare the modules and interpret the results.
- Stuart Martin

Thanks for being so patient and answering all my questions in detail. I look forward to working with you in future too.
- Arshad Hussain

The best part of statistical consulting is that it is highly interactive. It is not like a video tutorial and I can ask questions at any time during the live chat sessions. The guide is always ready with the answers.
- Herbert Taylor

I have been using this service for quite some time now and every time I have received accurate answers to my queries. I email the queries and receive answers within 24 hours. I would recommend the service to all students.
- Natalie Scott

There is always an element of doubt when preparing statistical modules. To get past these doubts, I contacted the experts at ELK Statistics and I must say that they have been immensely successful in helping me.
- Ming Chen

The best part about this service is that it is completely secure. I was provided a guarantee that all the information that I share with the company would be private. You can provide data to them without any fear.
- Pauline Campbell

Being cost effective, this service worked well for me. I was apprehensive about spending a fortune on statistical assistance, but this company charged me reasonable fee.
- Kagiso Toure

While I had done my analysis, I was apprehensive about the presentation of results. The consultants taught me about the APA style and presentation of conclusion in the correct format. My supervisor was much impressed.
- Diane Sanchez

My questionnaire was a success and I received the most precise answers from the target consumers. Thanks for helping me with questionnaire formation and sample group identification.
- Kim Huang

The sample size was accurately determined by your consultants and the survey design was also perfect. I have completed the survey and will soon reach you for the analysis.
- Shazia Hamidi

I received A+ grade for my thesis. Such meticulous calculation was possible with the able help of the consultant with whom I was working. Thanks for the support.
- Rupert Butler

I have recommended your company to my friends, who are facing challenges because of statistical analysis. You will soon receive many queries from them.
- Karan Khanna

The workshop for statistical training was really helpful. The tutors had thorough knowledge of the tools that they were talking about and I had all my queries answered. Waiting for your next session.
- Lisa Perry

The resources provided by ELK Statistics have helped me understand the creation of modules and get a grasp on the important tests for analysis. I have shared the resources with my friends and they love it too.
- Dominique Perez

I would have taken an eternity to complete the complicated data analysis chapter if it was not for the help provided by your guides. I have submitted by thesis and awaiting the results.
- Shaun Young

Application of Stata was tough to say the least. I got to learn a lot from the statistician. She had all her concepts clear and was eager to help me.
- Anita Chandra

Your guidance for meta analysis was valuable. I’m working on my project for MBA and will contact for help with ANOVA. I’m sure you will assign the best tutor as before.
- Nida Qureshi